Graveyard Per Diem CT Technologist - Varied Locations

Job Description
Operates computed tomography (CT) scanner to produce cross-sectional radiographs of patient’s body for diagnostic purposes: Positions and immobilizes patient on examining table, using supportive devices to obtain precise patient position and following protocols specified by radiologist. Administer contrast media orally or assists physician in intravenous administration. Enters data, such as type of scan requested, slice thickness, scan time, and other technical data into computer, using knowledge of radiologic technology and computed tomography. Starts CT scanner to scan designated anatomical area of patient. Talks to patient over intercom system and observes patient through window of control room to monitor patient safety and comfort. Views images of organs or tissue on video display screen to ensure quality of pictures. Starts camera to produce radiographs. Evaluates radiographs, video tape, and computer generated information for technical quality.

The CT Technologist is responsible for the independent operation of CT equipment, and for performing and communicating results of diagnostic examinations using CT.
The CT Technologist is responsible for daily operations of the CT suite, patient schedule, equipment maintenance, the report of equipment failures, and quality assessment (QA). The technologist maintains a high standard of medical ethics at all times and is self-motivated to increase level of understanding and knowledge of the field, disease, and new procedures as they evolve.