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MedSmart provides staffing options for both full and part-time imaging technologists.  The primary goal is to ensure that our clients are staffed with the appropriate number of employees to satisfy patient volume without paying for workers that are not needed.  We work to meet your needs, and can accommodate scheduling for just one day a week, mornings, afternoons or full-time employees.  Also, because of our long-term business relationships and pool of dedicated and talented technologists, MedSmart is able to create staffing packages that are much less expensive than traditional staffing services.  As an additional service, MedSmart can also provide equipment for use by our technologists, to ensure a minimal client investment.

MedSmart customers can always expect competitive pricing, professional technologists and seamless integration and implementation.  We take pride in the service and competitive advantage we provide and it shows.  Contact us today for a free staffing quote.

Services We Specialize In

  • CT
  • CTA
  • RFA
  • X-Ray
  • EVL
  • EEG
  • PET
  • MRI

Staffing can be adjusted to meet your needs.
We train several technologists at your facility to ensure uptime due to technologist illness, vacation or termination.
MedSmart employs a large number of experts in the diagnostic imaging field. As a client, you gain access to this team, ensuring your organization has access to current requirements and best practices.
The healthcare field is ever-changing. Clients can feel secure in the knowledge that MedSmart will always put client needs first and work as a partner in success.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Outsourcing appears to be an expensive option. How does the expense translate to value?

  • In many instances, outsourcing is actually the less expensive option. The MedSmart pricing structure is very competitive, and after breaking down the overall cost to hire a full-time employee, outsourcing makes complete financial sense. The actual cost of an hourly rate employee is approximately 50% higher than their base hourly rate once the cost of taxes, benefits, holidays and vacation pay is factored in. This also does not factor in additional costs, including: training, insurance, and lost income opportunity. To add to the value, the cost and risk associated with all human resource issues are transferred to MedSmart.

  • What if I don’t like the person MedSmart sends to my facility?

  • Your happiness is important to us. If the assigned technologist is not compatible with your office for any reason you may request a change. We are dedicated to finding the right technologist for your facility.

  • Familiarity breeds comfort. How does MedSmart ensure that clients are not working with a parade of different technologists?

  • Constant change is inefficient for our both our team and yours. MedSmart works to train several techs at each facility in an effort to ensure coverage at intervals when employees normally miss work. However, MedSmart places a primary technologist at each location to minimize turnover and optimize workflow. The overall goal is for our technologist to become a part of your team.

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